Wednesday, May 10, 2006


It absolutely amazes me. Why can't people just take care of their own business, and stay the fuck out of everyone else's? People who don't have anything better to do with their time, decide to start rumors which are baseless. Hey people....ever hear of defamation of character? Lawyers love that. This goes to those who have decided to spread rumors about me and my family. Anymore AND I WILL SUE YOUR ASS!!!!!

David Blaine

One thing that I have been able to do that I haven't for quite some time is watch the morning news programs. David Blane was just on Good Morning America regarding his little water stunt. Ok, I admit maybe I don't take many chances in life, but I never thought about keeping myself chained underwater for several minutes. The worst part, the media makes a big deal out of someone's idiocy. I would think that mental help would be in order for David. But then again, he probably has more money than I have by acting like an idiot. However, I would rather be in the working poor than frozen in ice, suspending myself in air, or sitting in a water tank trying to prove my super human strength.

Life After Radio

Storms, storms and more storms

Wild night in Kennett and the Missouri Bootheel as well as Northeast Arkansas last night. We had numerous thunderstorms, wind gusts to 50 to 60 mph, heavy rain flooding all the streets in Kennett. This morning, more storms are coming this way.

Just out of curiosity, I tuned in to my old station to see if they were on the air with any information. the disembodied (sp?)
NOAA Weather Radio voice. All those times I spent going in at 1 a.m. or whatever time to warn people....I could have gotten quite a bit of sleep.

Now, I don't want to sound bitter about what happened to me. As I said before, I think they did me a favor. I just don't like going out in town, and being asked about what happened and people upset about news, weather coverage since I was let go. It was their decision. And it apparently is one that many radio stations are doing right now.

I read a blog from Randy Raley, as well as Steve Mays. Two people I really respect in this business. For years, I really didn't agree that radio was going to have a downfall. And I still don't. with one exception. You have to keep your radio station LOCAL!!!! I can put a CD in anytime, and listen to it. If I tune in to a local TV or radio broadcast, it's for INFORMATION. Steve brought up a few good points, and you should visit his blog Several younger people aren't even listening to conventional radio anymore. When KBOA FM went from Music of Your Life and the Hometown News was taken off of it and the format switched to Adult Contemporary, there were quite a few people that complained. I got quite a bit of complaints...I told them it wasn't my doing. Guess I should have seen the writing on the wall back then.

As for the future, well, things aren't too bad. Just got finished working several marathon shifts at the Rector Police Department. We've been shorthanded, so my termination at the station came at the right time for them. Several people have come up to me as I said earlier talking about the station. Guess they want me to bad mouth the stations....that's not me. They had their is a business, and a business needs to make money. Unfortunately, several news departments not only here, but across the nation are being cut. When it comes to radio destruction, it appears that Radio is it's worst enemy.

More to come.
Bill P.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Well, it finally happened. After 20 plus years of broadcasting, getting up early in the morning, covering city council, school board meetings, breaking news, I was given the proverbial axe on April 26th 2006, the day after my 39th birthday. The reason given, "My health is bad".

Sure my health was bad. They were running me into the ground. No one can keep up the pace of trying to keep a local radio station running with complete news that people want, only for managment, and the management above, and the owner wanting more, more, more, more.

So, I now work at a Police Department in Arkansas. Will go full time on July 1st. I've worked part time at this department for a year now, just in case something like this happened. I should have known better. Their track record was pretty bad when it came to on air and news people. But I thought things would be different. They weren't. In 2005, I brought home 1st place in Feature Reporting. I worked one week straight from the Fire Station when the City of License was hit by an F-3 tornado and wiped out 60% of the city. I gave it my all. That wasn't enough apparantly. Someone called me the day before I was dismissed, one of my regular listeners on my talk show to wish me a Happy Birthday. Management was enraged over that!!!!! That is small town radio, where people care about other people. Since then, I have received numerous calls, and had people stop me on the street telling me they were not happy with the station now. I'm not going to bad mouth them. OH, they did offer to let me work part time.....forget it. I have officially retired from broadcasting. Now I have health, dental, and vision benefits, plus a municipal retirement. Moreover, I have the respect of the city council, mayor, and the police, fire and ambulance service.

Why is it that those of us who have been in the business for years, try to serve our community the best we know how end up getting the axe? Guess it comes down to the almighty dollar.

I hate to discourage anyone from going into the business, but several of my friends across the state of Missouri and other states as well have lost their jobs over the past few weeks. It's definately not what it was years ago. But on the plus side, on top of the benefits, my blood pressure has gone down to normal, I sleep better, and I really can't say I miss the place. Anytime you have to vomit before you go to work guess that's a warning sign that you need a change. And that is what I did. In the upcoming weeks, I'll keep you posted on this and other things going on in the world.

Bill Page
Kennett, MO